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Tapetech Extender Box Handle
  • Tapetech Extender Box Handle
  • Tapetech Extender Box Handle

Tapetech Extender Box Handle 88TTE



The Xtender Handle is an adjustable length handle that is compatible with all brands of the 7", 10" & 12" Finishing boxes

41” (1.041m) to 63” (1.6m).

Fits all boxes

The Xtender handle attaches to boxes in the same manner as any  standard handle with the wing nuts provided on the boxes. Slide the connector plate on the Xtender handle onto the pressure plate of the box, and tighten the wing nuts until the connection is secure.


The Xtender handle has a grip near the bottom end for controlling the brake. Squeezing the grip locks the box in, position, allowing the user to control the box when approaching the wall to start a joint, or for sweeping the box off of the wall at the end of a joint.

Relaxing the pressure on the grip releases the brake, allowing the box to pivot freely

The length of the Xtender handle can be adjusted by sliding the 2 telescoping sections in or out. A locking mechanism is provided to hold the handle in each of its 4 positions. Press the release mechanism to allow the sections to slide, which adjusts the length of the tool. The mechanism will automatically catch in the next position. Continue the adjustment until the desired length is achieved.


The mechanism must be locked into one of the 4 notches on the inner telescoping section for the brake to work properly. Do not try to operate the handle between any of the 4 positions.


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