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At the heart of the BPRO belt is the certified BACKPRO tool belt, which served as the basis for our design. Each belt is meticulously crafted by a single artisan, using only the highest-quality materials available. We rely on Cordura 1000 D material, Japanese-made superfoam, Australian-made webbing, a quick-release buckle, and heavy-duty poly thread to ensure lasting durability and comfort. The BPRO Belt is a truly exceptional product that provides unparalleled support and comfort.


Like our BUILDPRO belts, the BPRO belt features a three-point system and is fully compatible with our BUILDPRO shoulder braces. Moreover, it can be used with your existing leather bags and holders, should you choose. Alternatively, combined with our Cordura tool puches and holders you end up having a superlight - tough as nails setup.


When Choosing a belt size, DO NOT to rely on your pants size as a determining factor. Instead, use a string or tape measure to snugly measure the area where you intend to wear your tool belt, typically around the hips. Keep in mind that belts are commonly worn in this position. If you work in various seasons, it is important to consider the potential addition or removal of clothing layers, as this may cause fluctuations in your waist circumference.


XS : 27″ — 30″
Small : 31″ — 34″
Medium: 35″ — 38″
Large : 39″ — 42″
XL : 43″ — 46″
2XL : 47″ — 50″
3XL : 51″ — 54″

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