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Marshalltown White Lightning Tapered Darby with DuraSoft Handle 762 X 76mm 32619



The low friction polymer blade of the MARSHALLTOWN White Lightning ™ Tapered Darby keeps the concrete surface open longer while bringing up the bleed water and pushing down the aggregate for a smoother, more professional-looking finish in less time.

The durable, yet lightweight blade material is also impact-resistant, easy to clean, and won’t absorb liquid, preventing corrosion and rust.

Each 30” x 3” White Lightning ™ Tapered Darby comes with a comfortable DuraSoft® handle that provides a soft grip feel that reduces fatigue.

Our professional White Lightning™ Tapered Darby is Made in the USA with Global Materials.

White Lightning™ technology floats faster and easier for smoother, professional results

Prepares surface for troweling

Low friction polymer blade is lightweight, durable, and impact-resistant for long wear

Chemical, corrosion, and rust-resistant

Concrete won’t stick to blade for easy clean-up

Rounded edges glide over concrete without gouging the surface

DuraSoft® handle provides a soft feel that reduces fatigue 762mm  x  76mm  blade size

Made in the USA with Global Materials

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